Sunday, March 6, 2016

Enjoying Our Second Week

No, I am not going to be doing weekly updates on our life here in Spain, but I did want to update that things are going much better this week.

I felt like this week we were able to sort of have our routines come together.  Sleep is still not what both Trevor and I want for Serafina (or ourselves) but it is pretty tough when we are in a small hotel/apartment, using a pack n play for Serafina and have neighbors who can hear the nightly wake ups!  We are keeping our bedtime routine the same which seems to help and trying to be consistent with middle of the night wake ups but man, when you are exhausted -- it sure is hard! And we have met a few people in the hotel who have said "oh this is the baby I keep hearing" -- oops!  At least they think Serafina is cute!

This past week was a lot of getting all the paperwork taken care of to live here in Spain.  I spent a lot of time on base running around making sure we were all registered at the various places -- and learning the ins and outs of the base.  While it was a little rough with an active toddler tagging along with me, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and accommodating everyone was which made the whole process a lot easier.

We took many walks as a family which was nice to get out of our room and enjoy the sunny weather.  I attended the MOPS meeting for the Americans here in our area.  I was lucky enough to meet a new friend while out to dinner at the hotel restaurant and we went together.  It was pretty fun and we plan on going to the next meeting in another week.  I am slowly getting more and more comfortable here and learning more Spanish.

Most importantly, we looked at houses this week! We found three that we really liked -- all in different areas of our town. We feel a little like House Hunters International because we named the houses in order to make it easier when talking about them.  At this point in time we have narrowed it down to two -- they are both very different and almost on opposite sides of town! One is larger, near our friends and closer to the beach while the other is smaller but in the middle of town and we'd have the most amazing Spanish landlords.... Ah, tough decisions -- we knew it would be hard to decide but we didn't think it would be this hard. {And it should be noted that you can walk from one end of town to the other in about 30 minutes so it isn't like things are that far away}

We also took a mini road trip to one of the pueblo blancos (hillside towns with all white buildings) which was very fun and quite the adventure -- I'll do a separate post since we took a ton of pictures!

This next week brings our "Welcome to Spain" class and it also means Serafina will be going to the daycare.  Since she has never been to daycare, nor really been with a babysitter (successfully) it should be very interesting.  We are all going to need a lot of positive thoughts!

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  1. Sounds like life is getting easier! I hope you guys can get into a house soon so you feel more settled. I still need your address! I want to send some goodies ☺️


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