Saturday, October 1, 2016

Day Trip {Ubrique}

You won't find Ubrique in any traditional guide books -- yet, this town is well worth a day trip (or even a half day).  Ubrique is a small pueblo blanco (white town) about an hour and a half away from our house.  This town, unlike many of the white hill towns, is set not on the top of a hill, but actually in the valley of two hills.  (And just a side note -- the drive home is gorgeous because you get a wonderful view looking up to Arcos shortly after leaving Ubrique).

So, why should you go to Ubrique?  For all things leather.  Ubrique is known for making gorgeous leather goods.  In fact, rumor has it, many of the high end fashion houses get their leather from Ubrique and its surrounding areas.  So while you will not walk into any warehouses, you will find store fronts for locally produced leather.*  And it is often fairly inexpensive -- a great place to get gifts and a few things for yourself too.  But you should also go to Ubrique because it is an adorable town -- and it is set between two National Parks and has many hiking trails.

We went with my mom to Ubrique and loved it.  We arrived a little before many of the stores opened (we went on a Saturday and found most places didn't open until 11), so we had a wonderful Spanish breakfast while waiting on the stores to open.  Seriously, I would head back to Ubrique simply for the molletes -- a breakfast bread that is then topped with whatever you want (typically olive oil/tomato, olive oil/honey for breakfast).  The shopping was awesome and we loved wandering around the small town.  There was also a wedding taking place at a gorgeous little church -- my mom and I loved watching all the people walk up the hill to the church in their hats, heels, and fancy outfits (men were in coattails)!

enjoying the slide at a very cool park

Highly recommend a trip to Ubrique when you are in Analucia -- I know we will be going back for sure!

*The best shopping for leather seemed to be on the main street (not the pedestrian only street).  Also, the sidewalks were wide and very stroller friendly, but the stores were not so kid/stroller friendly.  We lucked out and Serafina slept through a good portion of our shopping, but we also took turns entertaining her outside so

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