Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Peanut is Two

Well, technically she has been two for two weeks now.... But we didn't have her well child check up until the other day thanks to a very awful case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (seriously, I do not wish that on anyone -- it was awful) and I wanted to include her current stats.

So here is an update of our sweet and sassy Peanut.  I figured it might be fun to use the same form I used for her monthly updates the first year of her life on my old (and private) personal blog.

Nicknames: we still call her Peanut -- she calls herself Sheena (even though she can now say Serafina) which we find hilarious -- it has stuck around now for a good 6 months so only time will tell if that is a new nickname or not!  Most of her friends shorten her name to either Sera or Fina -- we have no preference on either.

Looks: she is finally, finally growing hair and it is blond in the summer and light brown in the winter and curly!  It cracks me up looking at pictures when we first moved to Spain and seeing how bald she was -- literally all of her hair has grown this past year!

Eating: eating anything and everything except broccoli (despite letting her try it all the time and cooked different ways).  Her favorite foods are: strawberries, blueberries (which she calls "boobies"), cucumbers, lentil soup, tacos, spaghetti, olives (preferably Spanish olives), black beans, oranges (she calls them "orange juice") and anything mom or dad are eating

 she will sleep through the night (usually 11-12 hours) and then take a 1-2 hour nap each day in the early afternoon -- with having such a busy January, she's struggling to get back to her normal sleep routine but we will get there!

Health: oh man -- where to begin!  We had a rough (ROUGH) year with being sick.  Thank you Spanish germs and the heat/humidity that allows all those germs to grow and stick around.  So she's had HFMD, Roseola, two ear infections and various colds.  Luckily between all those illnesses she is super healthy and happy -- AND no longer allergic to eggs!  She hates them, but at least she isn't allergic anymore!  She weighs 24.5 pounds and is 2.9 feet tall -- tall but still tiny!

Saying: she is still talking up a storm and putting more and more words together to form sentences -- and repeating everything anyone says (including swear words -- oops)!  She is starting to grasp more complicated sentences and questions which is really fun to hear.  Her favorite phrase right now is "I like...." and then whatever it is.  She has quite the sense of humor and will often do something then tell everyone "that's so funny."  Her Spanish is really coming along too -- and she just started Spanish nursery school (yes, I am totally freaking out -- but she will do great and it will be such a great opportunity for her to know a second language).

- Legos, blocks -- anything she can stack or build (this has been a long time favorite and doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon.  She is such a little engineer and it is quite fun to watch her)
- numbers -- she loves numbers and can recognize quite a few (when we travel, we have a tablet for her and she has a numbers app that is loves)
- baby dolls -- she loves her baby dolls and is such a cute little mommy to them (feeding, changing, rocking to sleep)
- books -- she still loves to read and will often sit with books in her chair and read to herself (she has a few books memorized which is pretty funny to hear), current favorites are any Sandra Boynton books; Brown Bear, Brown Bear; all the Chris Houghton books and the Little Green Peas books
- animals -- girlfriend is an animal lover, she is obsessed with any and all animals (real or stuffed animals, she doesn't care!)
- water -- she loves swimming lessons and shower and baths and anything related to water, we can't wait for the weather to warm up and hang out at the beach this summer
- baking or helping in the kitchen -- she demands to "mix" (what she calls baking) almost daily, she loves standing on the step stool, helping me bake and of course her favorite part is taking a little taste of whatever we are making
- songs -- she loves to listen to songs, specifically any song from Singing in the Rain, but she also loves to dance to just about anything!  She loves nursery rhymes and sings a few which we think is just adorable 

loves baking, hate wearing an apron

she could wear her cap and goggles all day if we let her

What Else: Not a lot of dislikes -- just like any other toddler, she hates being told no and throws quite the tantrum when she doesn't get what she wants.  She is very independent and loves to try things on her own but can get pretty frustrated when she can't do something (often then yelling "help me please").  She can be very stubborn and strong willed and does not forget things easily (or ever).  She is also very social and loves playing with her friends -- she has made some very good friends so far and it is just the cutest watching them together.

It has been such an incredible year watching our sweet girl grow and become her own person.  She cracks me up daily while also testing my patience.  We have loved showing her the world, even if she won't remember it -- we have picture proof that she has seen and done some pretty amazing things thus far!

apparently coloring requires a headband


  1. Of course I love all your descriptions of our most wonderful and adorable granddaughter. And the pictures are heart warming and smile making.


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