Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween in Spain is a little different than what you'll see in the states.  In fact, Spain doesn't celebrate Halloween.  There are no trick or treaters and no one dresses up.  The country celebrates All Saints Day (todos los santos) which is November 1st -- it is actually a national holiday.

Now, Rota is a little different than the majority of the country since it has a strong American influence.  There are a few stores that carry some Halloween gear, but you won't see any stores decorated and you still won't find many trick or treaters.  The town does do a haunted house and those with base access often trick or treat at the homes on base on actual Halloween but that's about it for the festivities.  

But because Halloween is mostly not celebrated in town, the base does a wonderful job of celebrating.  The base puts on a large Trunk or Treat event -- complete with a pumpkin patch and food.  It was a little crazy since there were so many people and a little wild trying to get to the trunks.  However, Serafina loved carrying her pumpkin bucket around and picking out her candy.  She wasn't a big fan of the pumpkin patch since the hay bothered her bare legs (it was 80 degrees) but she loved the pumpkins.  And she also had so much fun running into her friends and her teachers from school!  Her teachers may not love it, but we sure love seeing them out and about occasionally.

so no, Serafina was not afraid of creepy Trevor in his mummy costume
(in fact, she LOVED it and would get so mad when he took it off)

And the group that put on the Trunk or Treat even got a wonderful picture of our Peanut on the way in to the event -- in true Peanut fashion, checking out the situation before actually deciding she liked what was going on.

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