Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Life Lately {The Daily Dime}

Today I am linking up with my good friend Kerry from XO Kerry (and a few other bloggers) to show you what a typical day looks like for us here in Spain!  So without further ado, our Daily Dime -- 10 pictures to show our day!

8:00am -- our day starts with our lovely house cleaners coming -- and Serafina loves (LOVES) helping!  I basically run around getting us ready for the day while she and the ladies clean upstairs (with lots and lots of laughter occurring).
And this morning Trevor slept through his alarm so I took him to work while the Peanut stayed home with the ladies!

9:00(ish) -- I drop the Peanut off at school -- they play outside for the first part until all the students arrive, so this is her classroom before it gets crazy with kids!
This morning I also had a conversation with another mom -- all in Spanish!

11:00 -- I treat myself to a faux Starbucks (it really is awful actually) after an insanely hard workout at the gym and a little Gossip Girl (how did I not watch this show sooner?) before picking up the Peanut!
I also ran errands before my little break on the couch -- and I also went to the grocery store to pick up salad fixings for dinner tonight before picking up the Peanut.

12:30 -- big girl starting our walk home from school -- she insisted she wear her backpack!

She finally decided she wanted to ride in the stroller.  I love our walks home -- we chat about her morning, say hi to all the birds and dogs we see along the way and then usually play out on our patio before heading inside for lunch....

1:00 - 2:15(ish) -- So.... no pictures from lunch/playtime before nap because we had a massive poop explosion (it was bad) -- so a late nap happened and instead of doing any sort of chores during nap, I quickly caught up on email then watched some more Gossip Girl!
We started potty training recently (only because the school helps and it was Serafina's turn so....) and overall, it has been going well -- but she hadn't pooped in a few days, so finally the extra fruit and water caught up with her and it wasn't pretty.
4:00 -- per the usual, the Peanut woke up super angry so we cuddled on the couch (read some books, watched a TV show) while she slowly became her more usual cheerful self

4:45 -- we made cookie dough -- eggless snickerdoodles because I have a ton of Moroccan cinnamon and also because we both love (LOVE) to eat cookie dough!  Plus Serafina absolutely loves to bake (she calls it "mix" and does a really good job helping!)
So we only brought my hand-held mixer and it requires a transformer -- so she also calls the transformer box "mix!"  Girlfriend is going to be so confused when we return to the states and we don't have to use a transformer when we bake!
she likes to pile up the pillows so she can see out the window better
 5:20(ish) -- now the wait for daddy to arrive home.... sometimes it can be quite painful!  Today, not so bad.  We colored and played... she actually went downstairs to our basement/playroom to play by herself for a full 5 minutes -- it was glorious!

6:00 -- finally daddy is home and thanks to the afternoon's poop explosion, I gave up on our original dinner plans and ordered pizza -- at least we had salad too!

dance party/jumping on the bed with dad
7:00 -- we have eaten dinner and Trevor and Serafina are playing while I run around doing so many chores: laundry, dinner clean up, putting clothes away, making snack for school tomorrow, downstairs clean up, etc..... and then wind down before bed (cuddles, snack, milk, and a TV show).

9:00(ish) -- and finally bed time... yes, she goes to bed late, but well, we have adjusted a little to the Spanish life style and since the sun doesn't set until after 10pm in the summer.... while there are many days I sure wish she would go to sleep earlier, it works for our lives here

And now I am about to hit publish, watch some Gossip Girl and go to bed... it was a long day!


  1. What is it with these girls waking up super grumpy from naps? Parker is the same way EVERY day. She like a different kid for 15-20 minutes. I love that S helps the cleaning ladies! That's the cutest thing ever! Also her curls ❤️

    1. Thanks friend -- her hair just keeps getting more and more curls! And maybe one day both girls will wake up happy!

  2. My little one wakes up so grumpy from naps! I'm like you got to sleep -- that's a good thing!! :) And giving up on dinner plans and ordering pizza is one of my favorite nights of the week :)

    1. So glad I am not the only one with a child who wakes up grumpy! And agree, pizza for dinner is always a good idea!


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