I'm Abby -- mama to sweet Serafina and a special education teacher.  I was so very lucky to be able to stay at home with Serafina for six amazing years, five of which we were living in Spain.  We had a blast living in Spain but we recently moved back to the states.  

All of our adventures in Spain and Europe are found all throughout the blog and I hope one day we can travel again, especially back to Spain.  But for now, I'll be documenting our reentry into life stateside and me heading back to work both of which are adventures themselves! 

And in case you were wondering -- Adventure Bytes comes from a very close friend (one I consider a true sister).  She used to tell her kids to take one "adventure bite" from foods they didn't want to try.  The move to Spain was a big adventure and moving back has been a bigger adventure, so the name is sticking!

{photo by Joni}

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