Saturday, May 2, 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine Updates (Week 8)

Here we are, going into eight weeks of this lock down.  I don't even know what to think about it anymore.  It has become our normal and I am not always a fan, none of us are, but we also know it is needed and that the numbers prove it works and we are saving lives.  There are days I can't even believe we have survived (are surviving) the most restrictive lock down in the entire world (I don't even think China had this strict of a lock down).  But hopefully after this week, things start to loosen up even more....

But if you need a refresher on our past weeks -- week one here and week two here and week three here and week four here and week five here and week six here and week seven here.

May 2, 2020 (Day 50)
Fifty freaking days we have done this.  Today is the first day that adults (and those over 14 years old) can go outside for walks or to exercise.  It was really fun seeing everyone's pictures from being out and about today -- and also seeing how much it helped our mental health!

Adults have two time slots they can go outside -- I missed the first time slot (morning) because I needed to get to the grocery store this morning.  But I did make it out in the evening after Serafina went to bed and it was heavenly, I am on a serious endorphin high right now.  It seemed like EVERYONE was out which was a little weird because I have not seen that many people in weeks but also so fun seeing how happy people were just to be outside.  Serafina and I took her allotted outside time with a walk to the beach (and a walk along the beach collecting shells).  It was fun but I wish we could have sat on the beach with friends... Maybe one day.  While we were gone, Trevor turned our driveway into a caseta for feria so we hung out outside most of the afternoon -- it was SO nice out.

And another decrease in numbers which is always good, they just keep going down thankfully.  All good signs that we can keep with our loosening of restrictions.  Our house cleaners are scheduled to come back the week of May 11th and I am SO thankful.  I miss them so much (and not just because I then don't have to clean the house).  So slowly but surely we can get some of our normal lives back.

May 3, 2020 (Day 51)
It was HOT today -- Trevor took Serafina out on her walk (to the beach today) and I got ONE hour to myself at home.  It was glorious.  I sat and did NOTHING and it was so needed.  First time I have been alone in the house in 51 days.  Serafina and I made donuts to deliver to her buddy whose birthday is today (which thanks to the state of alarm, no parties or celebrations with friends).  I went on another run tonight and while I am not usually one to exercise in the evening (especially at 9PM), it felt good being my first real run in over fifty days, it was good.  We had a pretty low key day which was nice.
breaking the rules by driving + delivering donuts
AND new case numbers dropped BELOW 1,000 today for the first time since the state of alarm was issued -- such good news.  There has been talk starting next week (May 11th) we can go to other people's houses and even have small gatherings of 10 people or less.  We probably won't know more until mid week when the government meets, but until then I will be praying for PLAYDATES!  All fingers and toes are crossed!

May 4, 2020 (Day 52)
Another fairly low key day -- mom school+ puppy play time (Serafina pretty much thinks Gustav is a doll and wants to carry him around all day) + beach walk.  It was a little windy today but we had fun on our beach walk.  Serafina is a little more used to the walking part of our hour and understanding we can't sit/stop really (and yes, we know people who have been stopped by the police).

Case numbers had a BIG drop again today -- down to around three hundred fifty!  We know that case numbers often drop on Mondays because there has a been a trend of under reporting on the weekends and/or holidays (and it was a holiday weekend in Spain).  But it is still good news! 

May 5, 2020 (Day 53)
It was a long rough day, so I will keep this short.  Not sure why but we were all just over it today -- so we kept things low key and easy.  Serafina wanted Trevor to go on a walk with her which worked great for me as I got some quiet time in the house.  We ordered out dinner for only the second time since all this started and it was really nice to not have dishes and to not have to cook.  Numbers went up a little as was expected, but still new case numbers were under 1,000 and deaths were under 200 so all still going in the right direction.  And I am off for my run -- or most likely walk since we had a big heavy dinner.  But I will enjoy the nice weather and the sunset :)

May 6, 2020 (Day 54)
Today was a good day or at least not a bad one :)  Serafina is really doing well with mom school and has really taken off with her reading which is fun to watch.  She also learned a poem in Spanish for one of her (actual) school assignments which was a process for the whole family!  I was really proud of all of us.  Gustav had a vet appointment this morning and thanks to COVID only one of us could go, so Trevor took him.  He did great and even got two vaccines and was NOT sleepy or calm all day.  No pictures today (sorry mom).  I am also heading out for a walk tonight to enjoy the sunset and to get out of the house for a little bit.  We didn't take a walk with Serafina today since she wanted to stay and play outside with her water table and I didn't want to fight it...

The estado de alarma got extended yet again which we expected because it allows the government to have control of the gradual reopening of things.  However, we did not learn anything else about the next phase (phase 1) which is supposed to start on Monday so we are all a little frustrated.  We have been looking forward to May 11th for SO long because it has been when we are supposed to be able to gather in small groups (under 10) and go to others' houses -- aka PLAYDATES.  So fingers crossed we learn more information about the next phase soon!

May 7, 2020 (Day 55)
Another day... started out good, then just kept going downhill seeing as we are all OVER IT.  There have been so many different rumors flying around this week -- school is going back May 18th, school won't start in September, we will be able to gather in small groups May 11th, no one will be able to gather anytime soon because numbers aren't low enough... Every single article we read or thing we hear seems to contradict each other and it is getting really frustrating.  It sounds like we should know a little more information tomorrow about whether or not our province can go into phase 1 starting Monday (so meaning we can gather in small groups).

Serafina did great with mom school and today for Spanish school we did a yoga video which both she and Gustav LOVED (in fact we did the video about 3 times)!  Trevor went into work today and the rest of us stayed home.  Sadly no walk again today because we were waiting on my IKEA order to arrive that I ordered almost a month ago (oh geez).  But it did come and Serafina enjoyed painting the boxes and now I have a new very cool coffee cart + more space on the counter!  Another early post because I am running again tonight.  It seriously does so much for my mental state to get out of the house and see other humans (not like we can talk or walk together but it is fun seeing how happy everyone is just to be out and walk/running/exercising).

May 8, 2020 (Day 56)
Another week down... how is that even possible?!  Everyone seems to be OVER IT this week so hopefully things start to loosen starting next week.  As far as we know, the government is meeting tonight to decide on what will happen next week regarding phase 1 -- sadly numbers are up over 1,000 again when they have been down under that for almost a week.  So who knows what will happen.  I think at this point they have to loosen things or people are going to revolt.  

UPDATE: WE ARE MOVING TO PHASE ONE!  Our small province of Cadiz is on the list to move to phase one starting Monday, May 11th.  Right after I published this post, we learned that Madrid was denied moving to phase one (which makes perfect sense as they have had seriously high case numbers) but also worried us a little (regional governments (so the territory of Andalucia for us) had to ask the national government for permission to move onto phase one; each territory (like a state) had to meet certain criteria with case numbers, testing, hospital beds available, etc., BUT if only parts of the territory met the criteria then those provinces (like a county) could move forward, it is insanely complicated and I am not sure I am explaining correctly).  And just a little but ago we got an update on what territories and provinces will be moving onto phase one (it is roughly 51% of the country as far as I know) and while we don't quite understand exactly what phase one means, we know it is further loosening our restrictions and it makes us all SO happy.

We had a good day overall.  Trevor went into the office for the whole day so it was just me + the two kiddos (Serafina + the puppy -- which we call him, we hardly ever call him Gustav -- oh well!).  We did mom school and Serafina is SO into reading we just kept practicing reading for most of the morning!  We also finally went on a walk (I forced it upon us which was needed for everyone).  The rain is supposed to start this Sunday so figured we should get out to the beach while we can.  I am heading out on another walk (maybe a little run) again tonight.  I have never ever been one to exercise at night but I am really starting to like it!

So a little about our allowed walks/exercise time... Kids + one adult are allowed out during the day and we usually see anywhere from 1-5 other families out when we go (so not many).  Adults are allowed out in the morning 6-10AM and then again from 8-11PM (which is when I go, after Serafina's bedtime).  And the adult evening walk time is PACKED.  It is like every single person in our town comes out for a walk and I am sure it is not safe, but it is also amazing to see humans and see everyone so happy.  Everyone waves and says hi to each other, it is really fun when you run into friends and you get to wave from a distance and have an in person conversation.  I would say I see about 75% of the people following the social distancing rules and in general, everyone is very aware of their surroundings.  Many people are wearing masks and gloves (I have not seen any Americans out running/walking with masks or gloves).  When people are stopped on the street/boardwalk to talk, they are spread out.  The most fun part is that there are hardly any cars on the road so everyone is biking, walking, running, rollerblading in the streets!  And the sunsets have been gorgeous so an added bonus to head out in the evening.

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