Thursday, April 28, 2016

Life Lately Round 2

Another life lately post because well, it has been awhile since I have posted and it has been a crazy two weeks!

If you follow along on Instagram you've seen that our Peanut got sick -- she ended up having Roseola (super contagious and extremely common in kiddos under five) which is a very high fever for 3-4 days followed by a rash.  Sadly, you only know it's Roseola once the fever breaks and the rash appears.... So when your child has a 104 fever that isn't going down or breaking with Tylenol or Motrin, isn't eating and just wants to lay down, you end up on the ER :(  We had wonderful care at the base hospital but it was just awful watching our little one get poked and prodded in hopes of ruling out anything major.  Luckily everything came back normal, so she was given fluids and monitored.  They were very close to keeping us overnight because her fever was not breaking, but the doctor could tell how tired Trevor and I were, knew that we lived very close and also knew we'd return if anything got worse.  Serafina was so snugly and only wanted to be held by me so she and I watched a lot of Daniel Tiger and read a lot of books for a few days.  She nursed almost constantly which was good because it kept her hydrated but it was a rough few days for all of us.

We were so thankful that Serafina got better by the time our Household Goods shipment arrived.  For those non-military people (and me before this move) that is basically our whole house -- furniture, clothes, kitchen stuff, everything that we didn't bring with us on the plane or have in our express shipment.  So this meant we were finally, after exactly two months, sleeping in our own beds!  I have never been more excited to see my own bed.  And after using the pack n play for two months, I was shocked at how big our crib was -- Serafina looks so tiny sleeping it!  We've been unpacking and organizing the past week.  We are done unpacking, just need to finalize organizing a few spaces, hang pictures -- do the little things that will continue to make this house our home.  I will do a post about our house soon.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks...

Stay tuned for a post on Feria (spring fair) which is in Rota this weekend -- I am borrowing a dress from a friend so I am pretty excited!  Follow me on Instagram if you want real time pictures of everything going on this weekend!

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