Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life Lately

I've been getting requests for another post (hi Mom and her friends!) but it's been a little crazy (while also boring) around here.

We moved into our house at the end of last week.  However, I should use the term move in loosely.  Yes, we are no longer at the hotel and yes, we have a house.... But, our household good shipment (aka -- everything that we own) is not here.  So we are living in just a few rooms and have temporary furniture.  So it is still a little like living in the hotel because we still aren't sleeping on our own beds, not using our own items, but it nice to have some more space to live in.  And it is nice being out of the loud hotel.

All the houses in Spain are all tiled floors and concrete walls making every house a really amazing echo chamber.  While Serafina thinks it is an absolute blast to go around yelling and hearing her echo, it still means Trevor and I have to be absolutely silent when she is asleep because you can literally hear everything (it's a little creepy).  But we know that with our furniture, curtains and an insane amount of rugs that we plan to purchase, the echo will get better.  But we do not know when our stuff will arrive....

One of the wonderful things about staying at the hotel (besides the amazing housekeepers who loved Serafina and the restaurant right there with wonderful waitstaff who would let you practice Spanish and also watch Serafina while Trevor and I ate)... was that we got a rental car with our room.  This allowed us to go places on the weekends, take Serafina to daycare a few mornings a week and just have some freedom.  However, since we are no longer at the hotel, we no longer have a car.  Luckily, the town is small so Serafina and I can still walk everywhere, but makes it difficult to buy things we need for the house (a vacuum, rugs).  We know that our car has made it to Europe (it's in Germany) but we have no idea when it will arrive.

So we are still in limbo...

But we do love our house and the area of Rota we chose to live in.  We are extremely close to the grocery store.  It would actually take us longer to drive (getting out of the driveway, parking) to the store than walk.  I have been going to the grocery store frequently (almost every other day) which is very European of me!  But really, I can only carry so much with the stroller or walking...  I plan on purchasing my very own old lady bag* which I am way too excited about!

So that's our life lately -- I will do a house tour once our stuff arrives -- you'd currently just see pictures of empty rooms!

A few pictures of Serafina enjoying her new home (she is in love with all of our appliances because they are the PERFECT height for her to press ALL the buttons ALL the time!)

*When I was studying abroad in Paris, we always saw the little old French women using these rolling shopping carts and we ended up calling them "old lady bags" -- but of course, we ended up with our own old lady bag by the end of our stay because they really are genius!


  1. Thank you Abby and Kathy and Marcia and I thank you as well. And I learned some things :)

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  3. And your adventures continue!! Loved the update & pictures!!!!

  4. Love these updates!! So glad you're all settling in. She's so cute in her pink shirt from America! Ha


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