Friday, December 2, 2016

Life Lately Round 6 {Peanut Update}

I thought I would take a break in my usual travel posts and do an update on our Peanut.  She is officially 22 months (yesterday) -- and is one sassy, sweet, daddy-loving little girl (although she is currently on a mommy kick which I am loving).

While I don't know her height/weight stats, she is still a Peanut -- she is tall but still tiny.  In some brand of clothes, she doesn't even fit into the 12/18 month pants!  She probably weighs about 22-23 pounds.  She still wasn't at 20 pounds at her 18 month appointment.  But she sure can eat and often eats more than her parents at meals!

She has an insane amount of words and often talks in sentences.  She repeats everything we say, not always getting it right which makes it adorable when she attempts.  She has quite a few Spanish words and actually understands more Spanish that she lets on -- I use "don't touch" in Spanish and she'll follow the direction; I say it in English and she flat out ignores me!  She sings her ABCs (skipping a lot of letters but it is still adorable) and a few other songs.  She is always asking "what's that?" and soaking in new information each day.  But if she knows what it is -- she will ask the question "what's that?" and then answer herself "its a....."  Cracks me up every single time!

She is very clear in letting you know what she wants, especially if she knows the word -- she will YELL whatever it is that she wants until she gets it.  And if she doesn't get what she wants, oh man!  The tantrums are unreal.  She's learned that it hurts when you flop down on the marble floors, so she will slowly and carefully lower herself to the ground (all while screaming and crying), then continue the tantrum on the floor.  Just like any other toddler, she greatly struggles with the word no!

She is obsessed with swimming and asks multiple times a day if it is time for "shwimming."  Speaking of swimming, she now swims on her own with floaties and wants nothing to do with me or Trevor while in the water.  The minute the floaties go on, she flies into the water with the biggest grin on her face.  The teacher (and other parents) have commented multiple times how happy she is in the water.  And the fact that she willingly wears a swim cap just boggles my mind because she normally wants nothing to do with hats or anything else on her head!

She is also obsessed with her daddy and freaks out whenever he leaves the room.  Often her first words when she wakes up (both in the morning and nap) is "where's daddy?"  In the afternoon, every door being shut, car driving by, it's all "daddy?!"  I do tell her "daddy is at work" to which she responds in a very sad voice "daddy at work."  The two of them together are just amazing to watch.  They sing and dance and build Legos for hours on end.  She truly is a daddy's girl.

While she loves to sit and built anything with blocks or Legos, or even read books -- she is also insanely active.  She piles pillows up on the floor so she can "safely" jump off the couch.  Or she's jumping on the couch while yelling "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"  She is always running up and down our long hallway chasing a ball (or just running and laughing).  She loves parks and swings and going outside.  And dancing, oh how she loves music and dancing.  Her favorite songs are songs from various musicals and she requests them often!
Our Peanut goes to "school" (hourly daycare) on base 3-4 mornings a week and loves it.  We get out of the car and she'll yell "fwends" then run to the front door.  Although she is always very happy to see me when its pick up time, yelling "mommy" when I walk in the door.  Eventually, she will go to Spanish daycare from 9-2 everyday (eek) and then at age three and a half she'll start actual Spanish public school (it actually starts at age 3, however, with her birthday, she will start at three and a half).
sad I wouldn't let her touch the stop sign in the daycare parking lot

This is such a fun age -- I love watching her try new things and experience things for the first time.  We recently set up our Christmas Tree and stockings and she thinks they are the coolest.  She calls the tree "so pretty" and the stockings are "shoes on" since she thinks they are socks (and in our house, socks and shoes go together).  She cracks us up but also keeps us on our toes.  We love our Peanut so very much and cannot wait to see what future holds!

And a PS -- we had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had so much fun that I did not take one picture, not even of just the three of us!  We hosted this year and had THIRTY (yes 3-0) people at our house -- about half adults and half kids.  We hardly ever saw our Peanut since she was too busy running around with her friends.  The food was delicious, the drinks never stopped flowing and a good time was had by all!


  1. WoW, you sound very busy & happy!!! Your "peanut" is adorable and growing up so quick!!! Enjoy your beautiful daughter!!! God Bless your wonderful family!!!!

    1. Thank you Diane! We are having so much fun watching her little personality shine through.


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