Thursday, July 7, 2016

Life Lately Round 4

Yet another post about what we've been up to lately -- I haven't really blogged since our trip to Morocco so I should probably catch everyone up on what we have been up to!

Our weekend after Morocco was a very (VERY) low-key weekend where we literally sat around and did nothing.  It was amazing and needed for all of us -- we all needed to catch up on sleep, stay in our pajamas all day and for once, it felt great to get nothing on our to do list done!  Ever since we moved here, we have been struggling slightly with the must travel all the time mindset while also realizing that we live here and we aren't just on a permanent vacation -- we have responsibilities and such!  I will say that we did do one thing -- we had friends over for dinner and Serafina is seriously in love with the whole family (they have two girls who are older) and just couldn't get enough of them.  It's going to be a long summer without seeing them while they are off traveling in the states.

Serafina and I have been spending our days hanging out with friends -- lots of play dates and pool time.  There is a great outdoor pool on base that has a simple, yet amazing kid pool.  It is in an enclosed area which means it is safe(ish) for the babes to run around and we know they can't run straight to the big pool -- which Serafina does try to do if the gate happens to be left open.  Serafina absolutely loves the pool and has no fear when it comes to water (both a good thing and bad thing).  I also went to Costco in Sevilla with a friend -- it was a kid-free trip and simply amazing.  I'd say about 75% of the stuff was American products and it was very much like being a Costco in the states.  Hot dogs were consumed and they were so dang good!
favorite past time -- walking in mom's slippers

having way too much fun at the pool -- this day our friends and their older girls were there -- Serafina thought she was in heaven!

We had our Independence Day Fest on base -- celebrated on July 1st.  Early on July 1st, we went to base to see the American flag being raised.  This is the only weekend it is raised on base (remember, Spanish base) so it was pretty fun seeing the American flag flying.  Then in the evening, we went to the big festival on base.  It was quite crazy but quite fun.  Lots of "all American" food, Spanish drinks, music and kid activities.  Sadly, Serafina was too little to enjoy any of the kid activities (rides and bouncy houses) but oh man did she want to go into some of the bouncy houses.  She kept running to them then screaming "that!"  We left before fireworks.... It doesn't get dark until well past 10:30 here, our toddler was not a happy camper being told no and we were all tired!  Plus, we were waking up early to drive to southern Portugal in the morning for the long weekend -- post coming soon!

we did let her into a small bouncy house before it got too crowded --
and she loved it
I am working on a few other posts -- a house tour, what it's like going to the grocery store here.... stay tuned!

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