Thursday, September 29, 2016

Life Lately Round 5 + Gram Gram Visits

Well, I did not intentionally take a huge long blogging break, but life happened.  A lot has gone on in the past month (and sadly, a lot of it involves us getting sick -- ugh).  But here is a catch up of what we have been up to!

Shortly after my last post we all managed to get some serious super bug cold that knocked us all out for a good two weeks.  Trevor and I both cannot remember a time when we were that sick... and it hit all of us.  Serafina got it first and quickly passed it to me.  I had a fever for three days and thankfully, Serafina wasn't feeling well either so she and I literally laid on the couch and watched movies the majority of those days.  Then Trevor got it and he also got the three day fever....  Serafina was lucky in that her cold turned into an ear infection so she got better with antibiotics much faster than Trevor and I did.  Finally, we all started to feel better...

For Labor Day, we had planned a long weekend road trip to Valencia, Spain -- a town about 7 hours east (and north) of us.  Valencia has a wonderful City of Arts and Sciences with great hands-on museums, a zoo, and a world renowned aquarium.  Trevor loves Aquariums so he has always wanted to go and what a perfect place for a toddler -- everything is kid friendly!  We were so excited to go and had planned stops along the way to see more of our new country.  But thanks to the awful cold, we had to cancel our trip.  It sucked, but it was the right decision.

So instead we had a mini stay-cation over Labor Day weekend.  The weather was insanely hot (well over 100 degrees and there were many heat warnings).  We opted to head south to a gorgeous beach with friends one day.  The beach is near Vejer, so about an hour away from our house.  And oh how the beach was gorgeous -- however, it was insanely windy -- knock you over windy (Serafina could hardly stand up)!  More importantly, it hurt getting pelted by the sand each time a huge wind gust came.  So after an hour of enduring the wind, we decided that since all the Spanish were leaving, we should probably do the same!  We weren't quite ready to call it a day, so we made a pit stop in Vejer (still as adorable and wonderful as ever) for ice cream before continuing back towards Rota for a fun dinner out.  We had also planned to take at least one day trip inland to another white hill town, however, it was even hotter inland, so instead we went shopping in nice air conditioned stores and stayed home to play in our air conditioned house!  Our Labor Day weekend was not exactly what we had planned, but it turned out fun!

A few days later, Trevor's aunt and uncle (and their daughter) PCS'd here to Rota!  Yep, we actually have family living here.  Trevor's uncle is in the Navy and we were so excited when we all got orders to Rota.  Should be a very fun next couple of years.

And then shortly after their arrival, my mommy came!  For TWO weeks!  It was glorious and wonderful and I didn't want it to end.  We didn't do much and it was perfect.  It was so much fun having her tag along to all of our daily activities -- music, swimming, play dates, etc.  She got to see base and see where Serafina goes to daycare.  Seriously, we have been so blessed with the best daycare situation ever.  Serafina absolutely loves going to play with her "wends" (can't quite say friends yet) and her teachers are just amazing.  Anyways... my mom and I did a few mother/daughter activities like shopping, putting a little garden together on our patios and just hanging out.  Serafina got tons of Gram Gram time in and she loved it!  We went to the beach, took a day trip to a great town (post to come soon) and went to our local tapas festival.  And then sadly it was time for her to leave....

Even more sad was that I got a horrible stomach bug the night before she left.  Being the best mom ever, she sat up with me, taking care of me even though she had to get up insanely early for her flight.  I am sure it was not the easiest way to leave -- I was sleeping on the bathroom floor and I remember her rubbing my head and kissing me goodbye.  But I know she will be back soon and we will have more fun times ahead.

So there you have it -- our month in a nutshell.  Too much sickness, but still fun times were had.  We do have a few trips (like actual, get on a plane trips) planned in the coming months so I am pretty excited about those.  Hope everyone else is doing well (and staying healthy)!

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