Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day Trip {Medina Sidonia}

This past weekend we also took a day trip to Medina Sidonia, another small hill town in our surrounding area (just about 45 minutes from our house).  Most often, each hill town is often known for something that makes it unique from the next town.  Medina Sidonia is known for their gorgeous views and desserts!

To be honest, I could've easily skipped this town or made it a very short stop on the way to somewhere else.  The desserts were fine...  I couldn't eat any of the ones the town was known for thanks to my tree nut/peanut allergy and Trevor didn't want to risk eating it either, so we settled on a few other pastries.  They were good, but not "make a special trip" good.

So, with that said -- the views were absolutely gorgeous, so if you do go then just drive through the town all the way up the hill to the castle, take a few pictures and be on your merry way.  We made the mistake of parking at the bottom of the town and then had to hike (with a stroller) up the hill.  Pretty sure all the locals thought we were crazy!  The pastry shop (founded in 1852) is located in Plaza de España.  On your way up (or down) you'll most likely go right past the plaza and there seemed to be a few places to park, so you could easily grab some pastries.  Let me know if you try either pastry the town is known for -- alfajor or polvorones (and maybe bring us some so Trevor can try it too)!

But the views....  You could see all the way to Cádiz!

And of course, a picture of our Peanut and Trevor walking (holding hands, as usual)!

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