Saturday, December 17, 2016

Happy Holidays 2016

We typically send out traditional Christmas cards, however, this year we were just not on top of it -- with traveling and visitors we just decided to do an electronic version this year!  I probably missed some of you since I realized I actually don't have too many email addresses, so here is our electronic Christmas card!

In February 2016, we made a huge move to Rota, Spain (southern part of the country) for Trevor’s job.  While it has been an adjustment, we love living in Spain and look forward to the next few years here.  We are all learning Spanish it is pretty adorable hearing Serafina talk in Spanish!  And we are slowly getting used to the Spanish way of life.

(And a little life lately detour from our card -- I am taking Spanish lessons and seriously loving it.  I can communicate fairly well in Spanish, or at least can get what I need from various places in town.  I even was able to have a full conversation in Spanish with the airport carpark place explaining why we needed our car back early after our crazy trip to Germany.  It is such a fun "me" activity and so out of the norm from my usual kid-free time.  I have met some wonderful other ladies through class and I love that I am learning a life long skill!)  

We are taking advantage of living in Europe and doing as much traveling as we can.  We have been lucky enough to travel to Portugal, Germany, Ireland, Morocco and we are exploring the surrounding towns in southern Spain (find those posts here)

Serafina is 22 months and so much fun.  She talks all the time and loves playing with Legos, blocks, airplanes or coloring (including all over the walls)!  She loves swimming and would go to the pool everyday if we let her we have a water baby just like her parents!  (But she was not a fan of Santa.)  I did a recent update all about our Peanut here.

We wish you all a happy holiday season and a happy 2017!

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