Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life Lately Round 9

Time for another update -- it's been awhile since one and while I have posted, I know that some of you (hi Mom!) like to see what we are doing besides just traveling :)

My last update was in July before we left for France -- you can read about our France trip herehere, and here.  And then we spent most of August just hanging out, getting back into our routine -- and of course going to the beach!  The weather is insanely hot in August (like too hot to even play outside) so we usually spend our free time at the beach and staying cool -- and many evening walks to get ice cream!

September brought the start of a new school year for Serafina and a more full-time schedule for her as well.  Which was quite the adjustment for both of us.  However, she absolutely loves going to school and seeing her friends, and her teacher is amazing.  I am going to be so sad when she has to go to the big kid, real public school next year!
There was also an airshow in our small town to celebrate the Spanish Air Force.  Our airplane loving gal thought the show was just simply amazing (although some of the airplanes were a little too loud for her).  We went to a friend's apartment right on the beach and had such an amazing view of all the airplanes!

October brought my parents here for a very fun visit -- Serafina was so excited to hang out with her MamMam and Dpa and see them every single day for a whole month.  It was perfect!  And it allowed Trevor and I to sneak away for a full FIVE days of travel without our Peanut -- we went to Copenhagen and Stockholm and it was amazing.  We were all so sad when my parents had to leave, but can't wait for MamMam to come back again soon :)
loving all the birds near my parents' AirBnB place
We also celebrated Halloween on base at the annual Trunk or Treat event.  Serafina wasn't a big fan of her costume, but we attempted to go as characters from the movie Totoro.  Peanut also got to sit in a fire truck which she loved!

November brought colder weather (finally!) and lots of cooking which happens to be Serafina's favorite activity at the moment.  And a birthday party at the local horse riding place... where our sweet gal just shined.  She could not have been happier up on the horse and did not want to leave.  We may be looking into lessons for her once she turns 3 -- eek!

We had a wonderful (wonderful) Thanksgiving with our close friends.  It was about five families and we all have kids around the same age so while the parents ate and drank, the kids just ran around and had way too much fun!  We have really lucked out with our amazing friends here :)
best we could get -- our gal did not want to stay still for a picture!
Now the Christmas season is here -- which in Spain stretches all the way into January!  We did Santa pictures on base (Spain doesn't do Santa, they do the Three Kings) which was a little terrifying for our Peanut -- she hated every minute of it!  However, we also attended Winter Wonderland on base and Santa arrives by helicopter.  Remember how our little lady loves airplanes (and helicopters) -- well, this was the highlight of her Christmas season so far and she can't stop talking about how Santa came on a helicopter!

waiting for Santa

We also took a day trip to Gibraltar for a Christmas Market (we had heard there was a decent one).... well, it was eight stalls and just slightly underwhelming.  But we had a wonderful lunch and Peanut loved riding the rides set up for kids (it is really common here for a city to have a few rides for kids set up on the weekends).  Serafina also got moved up to the next swim class -- Spain usually does everything by age, but they moved her up early since she is ready ability wise!  We are so proud of her and she just loves going swimming each week!

We can't wait to keep celebrating Christmas -- we have a few fun activities planned, but no travel plans for the near future.

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  1. Yes, you are right! I love reading your posts and seeing all that you are doing! Keep 'em up please :)))


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