Saturday, March 28, 2020

COVID-19 Quarantine Updates (Week 3)

Well I never really actually thought I would be started yet another post and yet another week in lock down -- I mean I think I did on some level, but I had hope that numbers would drop once we were all in full lock down and our movements were drastically limited... But here we are, starting our 3rd week of full lock down.  You can read about week one here and week two here.

March 28, 2020 (Day 15)
Another decent but low-key day.  Serafina slept in until 9:30AM which was quite nice since it isn't like we have anywhere to be these days.  We hung out inside in the morning and then all went outside on our patios for the afternoon -- Serafina played in our blow up hot tub and Trevor and I enjoyed the sun.  Then Serafina made (with some help from Trevor) a homemade doll house for our basement since we wouldn't move her huge one downstairs!  Then after Peanut bedtime, Trevor and I video chatted with some good friends and played an online game -- it was great fun and just what we needed!

I completely forgot to share yesterday that we are not getting any mail, and haven't for over two weeks now.  There is over 13,000 pounds of mail stuck in Chicago that should be on its way to us, except obviously no flights are going and borders are basically closed.  They (the higher ups) are hoping to get the mail here sometime this upcoming week but who knows.  Cross your fingers since I have some needed items arriving from Amazon!

We also learned of a COVID case within Trevor's larger office (so not his immediate small group of people he works with, but definitely someone he knows and has worked with before).  Of course this has all of us on edge so we are hopeful that Trevor won't have to go into the office much longer and work only from home.

March 29, 2020 (Day 16)
We finally went to daylight savings early this morning so today was a little short -- we had a late start to the day which was nice and just took it easy.  The rain is supposed to come starting tomorrow so we spend time in our little patio/carport area as much as we could to enjoy the sun.  We did a lot of Lego building and Barbie playing and Disney+ watching!  Our 8PM applause was fun tonight since it was finally light out and we were able to really see our neighbors and everyone out clapping.
More restrictions are coming down from the Spanish government.  The cabinet (or whatever it is called) have met today and we are slowly learning what that'll mean for us and how it'll change our lives even further... We already know that more things will close, most likely closing more restaurants (currently some are open but for delivery only) but we aren't sure how else it'll affect us or Trevor's job just yet...

March 30, 2020 (Day 17)
I had no desire to write this up last night, it was a rough day for me.  Serafina was great, mom school went great -- I was just OVER IT all.  It has been really hard for me to watch people on various social media sites or the news just think all of this is a hoax or choose not to social distance or don't understand the reasoning for all the restrictions... And then I am quite jealous of those in countries where everyone can still go on walks and move about their daily lives without too much changing.  I have lost count but I think this was breakdown #4 of this whole thing.  So I turned off all social media last night, watched some TV and laminated a bunch of things for mom school.  It was what I needed and I am in a better mood/head space today.

Trevor had to go into the office so it was just Serafina and I all day which is also hard because there is NO breaks and girlfriend does NOT stop talking, ever.  But for her it was a good day which was great.  Sadly she is used to being stuck to our house/tiny yard and not being able to see her friends.  She knows that we have to stay safe from the germs outside and that everyone is sick.  She still asks a lot of questions as just like anyone, it is so far out of their understanding.  We do our best to answer them and calm her fears.  She and I watched a lot of National Geographic on Disney+ (specifically all the animal shows) and I did get a short workout in while she played with her Plus Plus blocks (another amazing Danish company that is the perfect thing to bring traveling -- entertaining for everyone)!

We still aren't sure if Trevor will have to go back into the office, but we are guessing he won't which is fine by me -- so much safer that way!  And sadly we have learned we cannot go within 50 meters of our house unless going to the grocery store, seek medical help or go to work (which requires legal documentation).  So I can walk the one block to take the trash out and that is it.  I probably need to start driving to the grocery store (that is 3 blocks away) from now on.

March 31, 2020 (Day 18)
Can't believe it is finally the end of March -- sure has easily been the longest month of our lives.  Another fairly low key day of staying home and going no where.  Trevor had to do more work from home today so Serafina and I stayed upstairs as much as we could to let Trevor work and have his conference calls.  Serafina did great with mom school again -- she is SO math based but shows a real interest in reading.  Her teacher is sending the class various activities to do at home.  We have done some but I think I will add more Spanish into her day too, if I can figure it out :)

The low point of the day was learning the numbers of cases in Spain have risen again (over 9,000 new cases today and 800+ deaths).  It is just heartbreaking.  And we have learned that the military + police have basically blocked our town off -- we aren't sure why.  We do know there is only one way in and out of our town right now as all other ways are closed and there will be a checkpoint going in and out.  My understanding is to limit the people moving about and making sure those are on the road are doing what they should be doing.

But the highlight was a new challenge floating around among the kids (in Spanish school) -- kids are putting their faces in a plate of flour and then nominating friends to do it as well.  All day the kids were sending videos back and forth, it was so much fun to watch.  Serafina was SO excited when she got nominated and she could not wait to put her face into the flour.  So hopefully fun activities like this keep popping up because it sure is fun for the whole family!
April 1, 2020 (Day 19)
I can't believe we are 19 days into this thing...  I mean I can and I can't.  I still hate it but I still know that it is 100% needed.  And I will stay in my house for as long as it takes to keep everyone safe.  The commander of the base here puts out daily updates regarding our lock down and a few days ago he wrote that if you get COVID you are asked to track back all the people you have had contact with in the past 14 days (which we did learn when Trevor was tested).  And as the commander said to us, I will say you to -- if you cannot easily name the people you have had contact with in the past two weeks and if that number is beyond your immediate household (this includes other family that doesn't live with you), then I ask you to please rethink your actions.

But... we had another good day here.  Serafina is rocking mom school and it is really fun watching everything start to click for her, especially in English.  Her teacher continues to send us things to do in Spanish which we try and incorporate into our day as well.  Trevor had to do a lot of work most of the day so Serafina and I hung out upstairs and painted nails, went outside during a break in the rain to color with chalk on the walls of our house.  And I am continuing to get my workouts in to keep myself sane.  I am writing this a little early tonight because we are all exhausted and I plan to go to bed early!

April 2, 2020 (Day20)
Another day... Nothing major happened which is always good.  We have all fell into a decent routine, especially with Trevor having to do more work from home.  Mom school in the morning, play while I workout, lunch, more play time (LOTS of fort building) and usually a hands on activity or watching a movie or TV show before dinner.  I am impressed we don't have the TV on all day every day, but even on days it does happen, I don't really care.  We are safe and healthy at home and that is all that matters.  Serafina also had a virtual playdate with a friend which was really fun for her.
built a little reading corner in her "house"
The numbers still aren't great -- while the case numbers seem to be dropping a little, the deaths sure are not.  It is just awful.  Our 8Pm applause was fun as usual, I really enjoy that it stays lighter later so we can see everyone out on their porches and balconies.

April 3, 2020 (Day 21)
And another week has passed.... And another low key day.  I did ALL the errands this morning (grocery stores + mail) so Trevor taught dad school and I think Serafina liked it better than mom school!  Our landlord also came to get rent and that was sad -- we passed things over our gate which was hard for all of us, we are so used to him coming inside and chatting for a little bit (but he gave Serafina a rose which of course made her happy).
Masks and gloves are now required in Spain (if you have them) and we had a friend give us some of their masks so we are able to follow half the rule (we have no gloves).  The grocery stores this morning weren't bad now that I am used to it and know what to expect -- and yes we go to two stores.  The store in town and then also the commissary on base, both have different things that we eat daily so we need to go to both.  And we figured it was better to do all the grocery shopping and such on one day -- plus we finally got a mail shipment so I went and picked up our mail.  Of course nothing that I actually needed arrived!  Oh well.
So I know there has been a lot of talk about the need to disinfect your groceries.  And while of course we wash the fruit and veggies, we decided we needed some normalcy so we are not disinfecting the other stuff before it comes into the house.  We aren't bringing the plastic or reusable bags inside, those stay on the front porch and of course washing our hands the minute we get inside before touching anything.  We could drive ourselves crazy with trying to disinfect everything (and ourselves) each time we leave the house, so we don't do it.  We are smart when going out of the house and when coming back in and that is all we can do.

And now off to have a virtual game night with friends :)

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  1. Great doll house you created. Love that girl in her swim suit. Love you all!!


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