Friday, July 6, 2018

Life Lately Round 10

Wow -- its been awhile since I have done one of these.  My last update was in December (of last year).  And while I have blogged a bit since then, it is always fun to look back and see what we have been up to in the day to day stuff.

January was pretty busy as the Christmas season in Spain doesn't end until January 6th so three full weeks of celebrations was a lot but still fun.  Our sweet girl continued to excel at swim lessons (and loves going each week).  I took a quick overnight trip Sevilla with a friend (by far my favorite city in Spain thus far).  MamMam (my mom) came to visit where we did lots of baking, playing and then celebrating Peanut's third birthday (in early February).

February brought our friends from the states (and a trip to London).  And Trevor and I had a crazy night of fun celebrating Carnaval in Cadiz with some friends.  It was definetly one for the memory books and I am happy we were able to experience the craziness of the huge street party.  

March was low key but we did celebrate our 6th anniversary by going to our second Seabee Ball and it was so much fun -- dinner, dancing and drinks with many of our good friends!  And we registered Serafina for Spanish public school.
Our April was little crazy with Easter celebrations, my brother visiting and feria but still such a fun month.  We had a blast with Uncle Sammy -- Serafina loved him and was so sad to see him go.  He he also got to experience Sevilla feria which was so much fun.  It was such a treat for my brother to see what all the fuss is about for feria as it truly is such a Spanish event and seriously the party ever!  We had an amazing time at our own town's feria -- going all four days!

May was so rainy -- we spent way too many days inside.  There must have been a record set for how much rain and how many days of rain, it was nuts!  We were able to enjoy a nice evening with some of Trevor's Spanish coworkers.  We learned how to make paella and it was an experience.  I got tasked with cutting up the octopus for the arroz negro (black rice) and for those that know me -- I hate seafood -- the taste, the look, the smell, everything.  So this was a huge challenge for me, but I did it and I was quite proud of myself!  And yes, I even had a little bite of the dish and it wasn't bad!  We also took a weekend trip to Valencia and had a great time.

June finally brought warmer weather with a few beach days which our sweet Peanut just loves -- covering herself in sand and running around with her friends.  For Father's Day weekend we headed to Cadiz (via boat) with some friends to experience the 1st annual Beer Weekend Festival thing...  We love Cadiz and we ended up having a blast -- exploring the city and trying out some pretty good beer (which can be a little difficult to find around here).  And MamMam was able to come back to visit again.  We had a lot of fun just hanging out around Rota, playing so many games, baking and laughing.  We also had the end of year (fin de curso) celebration for Serafina.  You can read about last year's fin de curso here.  Serafina did SO well this year -- dancing her little heart out and so sad when she couldn't perform on stage anymore!  It was such a fun evening and we will truly miss her school as she moves on to the big public school next year.

We recently celebrated the 4th of July -- we went to the base celebration and of course we were too busy running after our little lady to take any pictures.  Serafina had a blast running around with her friends, going into all the bounce houses and eating so much sugar!

We have no real plans for the summer and right now that is just perfect for us -- hopefully lots of beach days and hanging out with friends!

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